Cultivating Good Relationships with Different People

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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Nowadays, relationship between different people becomes a difficult matter. Conjugal relationship, leadership and subordinate relationship, friendship, all kinds of relationship needs to be taken care of. It is extremely common to see that lots of couples get divorced. Many people are on bad terms with their friends, boss and even their parents. However, in current situation, good relationship with different people plays an important role in our daily life, no matter for our work, family or life. As a consequence, how to get along with people becomes a university. In addition, it also becomes a standard to measure whether you are successful or not. Good relationship with different people can also be conductive to you.

In the current society, if you want a decent job, you need to have good relationship with those important officials; you have difficulty, you need others to help you, then you need to have good relationship with your friends. Anyway, relationship plays a critical role in all respects of our life. If you are a leader, you need to take great efforts to handle proper relationship with your staff; if you are a businessman, you need to get well with all kinds of people; even if you are a student, you need to get on well with your classmates; despite you are close husband and wife, you also need to learn to build a harmonious relationship with each other. While if you are not good at handling relationship with people, the possibility to failure is very large. You canít get your bossís attention, you canít enjoy the trust and respect of your staff, you canít grow up healthily if you are not on good terms with your classmates, and you will have a bad marriage and so on.

As a matter of fact, the problem existed in the bad relationship is that people are not willing to care about others; people canít put themselves in otherís shoes. As we live in an ear characterized by freedom, democracy, people pay much attention to individuality and freedom. ďMe firstĒ is the most common perception of the majority of people. Most young people only think of themselves, they can buy anything they want at any cost, but they canít even buy a cheap Buddhist beads necklace for their mother. The divorce rate increases at an extremely high speed. In marriage relationship, both sides should care more about each other. Sometimes, a small gift can make your lover happy, all women like jewelry, and a kind of cheap wholesale jewelry signifies you care about your wife. Besides, every people should shoulder due responsibility, and be courageous to face any problem.

For one thing, people should learn to care about others. For another, mutual trust is a significant part in human relationship. If a person always lies to others, he wonít get any trust. His relationship with friends, boss, wife and parents cannot be sustainable. His boss will not believe in him, may lay off him soon. His friends wonít help him when he is in trouble. His family also wonít enjoy everlasting happiness. From social news, we can see those sly businessman always loses both friends and money. Through the experience of successful people, only honesty people can get great achievements. Since relationship is indispensable from all facets of our life, good relationship with different people is much more important. So learning to cultivate good relationship with different people is the forever lesson for every person.

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