Sweet Memories of Life in College

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Published: 01st November 2012
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The period of college is the happiest time in our life, for we donít need to worry about making money, we donít need to be experienced to expand social network, we donít need to kiss up and flatter our boss, we donít need to be sophisticated with our colleagues, and so on. Once we enter the society, everything changes. The only problem we think about is making money, dependent. However, when we are in college, all the people are innocent, friendly and helpful. Every minute we spent together is the purest moment in our lives. Besides, we have large amount of free time that we can do anything we want. Now, we all graduated from college and we all have lots of responsibilities to shoulder and lots of work to do. But those pink memories will remain in our minds forever and never fade.

During my four years of life, I learned two majors, so I have the chance to get to know different groups of friends. But these experiences in my life, all the people are the same wonderful and friendly. When I was going to leave school, walking through campus, the road once I didnít know how many times I passed, watching teaching floors one after another that I didnít know how many times I had class here. Memories like a flood crest could not stop. Accompanied by early autumn morning freeze, a strange sadness filled in my heart. Every time I see the residual sunset glow on the horizon, hear the quiet guitar, smell osmanthus flowers; I always think about those lovely faces and those beautiful memories and happy past.

The most impressive is that we-several friends worked together to make a small business. Since we are all girls who are fond of beauty, then we decide to buy some cheap wholesale jewelry such as cheap brooches, earring findings. I still remember in the early morning, we went to the flea market to pick up some ornaments. In the evening, we became street vendor in the campus, and shouted out the price of our products. At last, we didnít make much money but even lost our money. Although we failed and it also shocked us, it is still sweet memory; because it is the demonstration of youth and our vitality.

In addition to making business by ourselves, my friends and I also did part-time job at that time. Once I worked as a waiter at a restaurant. It is a hard job, but at that time, I still did it with all my enthusiasm and excitement. When we young, everything is nothing, even it is difficult, but we have energy and we are always optimistic and positive in face of any hardship. We have lived in campus and firstly came to campus with a different mood. But no matter what motivation promotes us at first, we end up in the same position to draw a full stop.

During this wonderful period, we all experienced happy times and also sadness. We all have the impulse of young people, and cardiac admiration for someone. And we all have cordial friends to help us and comfort us when we are in trap of in low spirit. Left school, we set foot on the train to different places and continue our pursuit of the ideal future. Life cannot escape the suffering of separation, but our friendship likes seven colors of the rainbow to illuminate each of us forever. Letí cherish anything we once have and any experience we once experienced.

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